April 3, 2017, LASER -Montréal (co-chaired by Nina Czegledy and Gisèle Trudel)

will present  a panel discussion about multisensoriality titled Moved by touch.

Ècole de tango Las Pierna, Montreal




with David Howes, Armando Menicacci, Barbara Clausen and Jean Gignon











February 27, 2017, Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland,

Auckland, New Zealand




Nina Czegledy: Art practice: an exploration of alternative strategies







February 25, 2017 Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery,

Auckland, New Zealand




In the framework of Heat: Solar Revolutions project

Nina Czegledy on Ecological Art Activism









January 10, 2017 LASER Leonardo Art/Science Evening Rendezvous

University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California 




Dave Wolber, Erling Wold, Madeline Girard and Nina Czegledy

Chaired by Piero Scaruffi and Tami Spector

Nina Czegledy: From sea to sea: charting a trajectory









November 11, 2016 Multimedia Cognition Art - Therapy 




International Conference - Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico





November 11, 2016 Dobble Debate participatory game workshop














November 4, 2016 Simbiosis 2016, Pachuca, Mexico





"Working Together" - Nina Czegledy, Marcus Neustetter, Bettina Schuelke exhibition opening




Concert: Jose Louis Romero



 Some of the conference Presenters and Participants: 




Marcus Neustetter, Johannesburg, South Africa




Caroline McCaw, Dunedin, New Zealand












October 13-16, 2016, The Toronto School:

Then/Now/Next at the University of Toronto 






Conference Presenters & Participants:

Marcus Neustetter, Johannesburg, South Africa



October 16, 2016 Visionaries of Magnetic Imagery. The Legacy of

Marshall McLuhan and Nikola Tesla - Nina Czegledy













Sept 29, 2016  In-Between algorithms (Life/Death)2

Energizing matter/Materializing energy

LASER, Toronto 

7-9 pm The Fields Institute and The Digitial Dramaturgy Lab,


Project facilitators: Antje Budde (Digital Dramaturgy Lab, Institute for Digital Humanities in Performance at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies), Nina Czegledy (LASER/Leonardo Network), Roberta Buiani (ArtSci Salon, Fields Institute), Don Sinclair (Computational Arts at York University). Event assistant: Sanja Vodovnik









September 14, 2016 "Re-Enactment in Dance", 


with Francoise Sullivan, Guest of honore, Anne Benichou historian,

Mario Cote artiste and academic, Brigitte Kerherve, academic

moderatad by Armandoi Menicacci arist, choerographer, academic.



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