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Aura Aurora
in collaboration with Bettina Schuelke



Aura/Aurora is the most recent phase of an ongoing art & science project presenting an interactive interpretation of the Polar Lights - Aurora Borealis and Australis, the magnificent, mysterious and dynamic natural spectacle that has retained a near-mythical status in most cultures over centuries. The dazzling geo-specific phenomena, typically observed in the polar regions is not only a brilliant spectacle but it also makes dramatically visible the invisible world of geomagnetic activities.

Aura/Aurora is a real-time audio visual art installation combining visuals and sonic components. It has been argued that an artwork can hardly compete with the actual experience of a natural phenomenon, therefore we aimed at an alternative approach. A series of visual images are also included in the exhibition.

2015 Durchaus Art Space, Vienna Austria. Hosted by the Austrian Polar Research Institute and the                         Canadian Embassy to Austria

2013 NÖ Tage Open Studios Schapfengalerie Herzogenburg Austria

2012 Mahfeld Studio, Vienna, Austria

2011 Art Muse Festival, Bocholt, Germany

2010 Plein ArtFestival, 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary






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