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The Pleasure of Light
György Kepes and Frank J Malina at the Intersection of Science and Art
co-curators: Nina Czegledy and Rona Kopeczly
Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary 2010
National Museum, Gdanks, Poland 2011


György Kepes of Hungarian background and Frank J Malina of Czech parentage contributed greatly to the global culture and have proved to have a decisive impact on twentieth century art, modifying its intellectual property and oprientation. The joint exhibition of their works at the Ludwig Museum Budapest to correlate and confront the almost perfectly overlapping career of the two artists, thus offering an outstanding opportunity for the viewer to gain insight into a segment of the last century's history, which had a crucial influence on the current strategies of contemporary art.  



 Kepes and Malina's vision is best characterized by a distinct combination of aspiration and creativity expressed through experimentation and radical innovation. Guided by a prophetic insight they initiated and led environmental projects far in advance of today's global anxiety, They frequently collaborated with socially committed professional aiming for an international culture of peaceful cooperation. Malina and Kepeps bridged the divide between the humanities and the techno-sciences by a deep involvement in education and dessimanation of interdisciplinary information. Among the influences shown in the exhibition the Hungarian born Laszlo Moholy Nagy and Nicholas Schafer should be emphasized.The exhibition presenting artworks, correspondence and documents provides a context for the achievements of the interdisciplinary aspects of the modernist movement.


Pleasure of Light exhibition Ludwig Museum, Budapest



National Museum Gdanks, Conference site Gdanks








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