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Data is Beautiful
02.–06. October 2012
Co-curators: Nina Czegledy and Eszter Bircsak



Data from the view of Society, Science, 

 Art, Design and Technology

 The fundamental aim of the Data is Beautiful  project is to generate an international and national platform in partnership with Hungarian Educational Institutions and International Organizations to investigate and present data as a contemporary entity.


 The ultimate goal of the project is to generate collaboration, strengthen participation and create broad visibility for the wide variety of questions concerning data visualization, thus the program emphasizes knowledge transfer through all events and the ensuing publication to obtain a comprehensive interdisciplinary overview of data visualization.

In conclusion, it is important to additionally emphasize that the numerous possibilities in these fields inevitably lead

to new professional opportunities for the emerging generation – the expert professionals of the future.


During the Data is Beautiful event-series we are organizing a Hackathon as part of Transparency International and Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) global call where in cooperation with several chapters from different regions we would like to promote, scale up and integrate innovative and sustainable Information and Communications Technology solutions and visualizing methods in the fight against corruption.





DAY 1 Tuesday, 2nd October 2012: Art Day, Doctoral School, Hungarian University of Fine Art,

DAY 2 Wednesday, 3rd October 2012: Art Day, Hungarian University of Fine Art, Intermedia        Department

DAY 3 Thursday, 4th October 2012: Science Day, University of Science

DAY 3 Thursday, 4th October 2012: Arts Day,  Doctoral School, Hungarian University of Fine Art,                                            Exhibition: Hungarian University of Fine Art.   Concert   Viscerial  Electronic Music Concert by     DMT: 8.30 pm,  Szimplakert

DAY 4 Friday, 5th October 2012: Design, Technology 24 Hour Hackaton, Kitchen Budapest Media Lab

DAY 5 Saturday, 6th October 2012, Closing of Hackaton

Book launch: Beyond Data, Kitchen Budapest Media Lab








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