To Hudson Bay ode to Beckett
Angles and Intersections
Aura Aurora
Your Documents Please Traveling Art Exhibition
The Visual Collider
Auerole audio-visual interactive installation
To Hudson Bay - Ode to Beckett
What will you do to help us cool the earth?
Aurora Feast Public Art Project in collaboration with the international Aurora Team
The Aurora Projects Time Line
Girls and Guns
Google Girls and Other Heroines - Weapons of Distraction 2004 Mixed media installation Single channel video (01.25 min), text, and six photo based collages
Google Girls, Partisans and Tricksters By Nina Czegledy*
Collaborarte: A Journey Through The Mask collaborative Netart and Researchgroup
Galactic Wind
Areosphere and Atmosphere
River Speaks
Curated projects
Tesla: Visions + Inspirations a Symposium Tesla Vibrations: Happening Party
Achtung Baby Performance by Canadian Women, with Johanna Householder
Resonance, The Electromagnetic Bodies Project Touring project, installations by Ten Canadian Artists Co-curated with Louse Provencher
The Impact of Space on Society: Cultural Aspects
IA25: Mapping a practice of Media Art 25th Anniversary Exhibition featuring Simone Jones & Julian Oliver, Lorena Salomé, Galen Scorer and Norman White co-curated with Angella Mackey Inter(PR)axis conference, Ontario College of Art, York University
White Wall
From Russia…a Cine Fantom Selection
Sputnik Day 50th Anniversary
Aurora Feast Public Art Project in collaboration with the international Aurora Team
Reconnaissance Minna Langstrom and Jaako Niemela
Code Zebra
e-MobilArt European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists Culture (formerly) Canada Digital Culture Map Project Curator, Member of the Development Team
Device Art in KIBU
Angles and Intersections
The Pleasure of Light
The Pleasure of Light György Kepes and Frank J Malina at the Intersection of Science and Art
Messages to Marshall McLuhan
Marshall McLuhan in Europe 2011
At the Intersection of Art and Madicine
Data is Beautiful
The Extension of Men - Hacking the Body - Prosthetics Presentation and Workshop Series
SPLICE: At the Intersection of Art and Medicine
Educational projects
Device Art in KIBU
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