November 11, 2016 Multimedia Cognition Art - Therapy 

International Conference - Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico




 November 11, 2016 Dobble Debate participatory game workshop












November 4, 2016 Simbiosis 2016, Pachuca, Mexico




"Working Together" - Nina Czegledy, Marcus Neustetter, Bettina Schuelke exhibition opening




Concert: Jose Louis Romero



 Some of the conference Presenters and Participants: 




Marcus Neustetter, Johannesburg, South Africa




Caroline McCaw, Dunedin, New Zealand












October 13-16, 2016, The Toronto School:

Then/Now/Next at the University of Toronto 






Conference Presenters & Participants:

Marcus Neustetter, Johannesburg, South Africa



October 16, 2016 Visionaries of Magnetic Imagery. The Legacy of

Marshall McLuhan and Nikola Tesla - Nina Czegledy













Sept 29, 2016  In-Between algorithms (Life/Death)2

Energizing matter/Materializing energy

LASER, Toronto 

7-9 pm The Fields Institute and The Digitial Dramaturgy Lab,


Project facilitators: Antje Budde (Digital Dramaturgy Lab, Institute for Digital Humanities in Performance at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies), Nina Czegledy (LASER/Leonardo Network), Roberta Buiani (ArtSci Salon, Fields Institute), Don Sinclair (Computational Arts at York University). Event assistant: Sanja Vodovnik









September 14, 2016 "Re-Enactment in Dance", 


with Francoise Sullivan, Guest of honore, Anne Benichou historian,

Mario Cote artiste and academic, Brigitte Kerherve, academic

moderatad by Armandoi Menicacci arist, choerographer, academic.



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