In Books:


Interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer: The future of learning In: International Yearbook of
Arts Education Vol. 3;
Technological Mediation and the Human Body, Federal University of Uberlandia, Minas
Gerais, Brazil  (in press)
Art as a Catalyst.  Leonardo Transactions Sept. 2014;
Data in Public – Data Visualization in Art  In: Aspects of Art 2014, Fekete Publishing Budapest
Homage to Polar Lights 2013, In: Light Image Imagination ed. Martha Blassnigg, Amsterdam
University Press ;
On Prosthetics: Extreme Loss – Potential Gains 2013, In: Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant
Age - Zagreb;
Social Innovation, Social Creativity in Urban Contexts, Hybrid City2013, Athens, Greece
Collaborative Curating - with Woon Tien Wei
In: A brief history of working with new media art
Crumb, The Green Box, - Kunst Editionen, Berlin
The Pleasure of Light,  Gyorgy Kepes and Frank J. Malina
at the intersection of science and art - with Rona Kopeczky
Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Center versus Periphery
In: We are not duck on a pond but ships at sea.
Independent Art Initiatives, Budapest 1989-2009
Impex, Budapest


Nikola Tesla’s Electromagnetic Visions Spectropia MP Lab, Art Research Laboratory of Lipeja University and RIXC, Latvia pp 100-10

Augmented Reality In Proliferation of Screens ed. Louisa Poissant, University of Quebec, Montreal


Initiating an Artistic Discourse on Albania's Blood Feud by Editing a First-Person Shooter Game with Maia Engeli In: Videogames and Art eds. Clarke, Andy and Mitchell Grethe. Intellect Books, Bristol, UK and University of Chicago Press, Chicago, US

On Resonance In: Reinventing Radio. Ed. Heidi Grunman, Revolver, Frankfurt


Connections: The Power of Convergence. In: The Absolute Report. Revolver Frankfurt

Resonance, The Electromagnetic Bodies Project. With Louise Provencher, In: Resonance, Ludwig Museum, Budapest


Spatial Perceptions - Spatial Politics In: Acoustic Space: Trans Cultural Mapping RIXC, Riga

Politics of Space Transeuropean Picnic Kuda Novi Sad


Arte como ciencia: ciencia como arte In Arte e vida no seculo XXI. Ed. Diana Domingues. Fundacao Editora da UNESP, Brazil

Medieval Unreality with Maia Engeli In: Game as Critic as Art. Aminima, Barcelona

Sensing Space. In: Acoustic Space: Media Architecture. RIXC, Riga

Digital Bodies Virtual Spectacles In Canadian Digital Creativity, Toronto



The Body as a Password: Biometrics and Corporeal Dispossessions. With Andre P Czegledy In: Filozofski Vestnik, Ljubljana, 2002

The Body: An experientalist account of truth. In: Segments& Specimens. J'ai Vu Quebec

On Translation in Deep Europe In: Communication Front. Sofia, Bulgaria

Trickster the Myth and Mischief Maker In: The Edge of everything Ed.Catherine Thomas.The Banff Press


Architectures of the Body With Andre P. Czegledy In Digitized Bodies Virtual

Spectacles Ed. Nina Czegledy, Ludwig Museum Budapest


The Mind's Eye. In: Art, Technology and Consciousness. Ed. R. Ascott Intellect Books. Exeter

Mediated Bodies with Andre P.Czegledy In: The body caught in the computer intestines and beyond. Ed.Marina Grzinic, Maska, Slovenia,


The Power of Seduction in Biomedicine. In: Reframing Consciousness, ed. R. Ascott Intellect Books, Exeter

Mediated Reality. In: Reframing Consciousness, Art, Mind and Technology 2 ed. R. Ascott, Intellect Books

Shifting Paradigms - Shifting Grounds.

Changes and absurdities in Central and East Europe In: Media Revolution ed. Stephen Kovats, Edition Bauhaus 6, Campus Verlag, Frankfurt/M. and New York



"On Spatial Perception. In Species of Spaces e-Book series, Proboscis, London,


Guest editor

New Observations New York “Mitteleuropa” Sept. 1992.


Articles in English


Oriented Flows: The Molecular Biology and Political Economy of the Stew,

Ramon Guardians and Nina Czegledy, Leonardo, Vol 42. No2. pp 145-150


Agents for change: The Contemporary Art Centres of the Sores Foundation and

-with Andrea Szekeres. Third Text. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group Publishers UK pp 251-259


On Cross Cultural Collaborations. Art Inquiry Vol. VIII Pp 145-153


Mysticism and Complex Systems: from Magic Squares to System Biology: QI and Complexity. Conference proceedings Beijing pp 52-57


Bioelectromagnetism - Discrete Interpretations Technoetic Arts Vol. 1 No 2. Pp 135-141

Points of Entry The Moving Image Centre Auckland, NZ

On personal strategies Maid in Cyberspace, Montreal pp 9-11


Rethinking Female Experience(s) in conversation with Randy Cutler, Shilpa

Gupta, Eleni Laperi, Nathalie Magnan, Maria Miranda, Norie Neumark, Susanna

Paasonen Nparadoxa LondonVol.10 pp 6-13

Google Girls, Partisans and Tricksters Kiss Machine Eds. Emily Pohl-Weary Paola Poletto, Toronto pp 32-36


Videomedeja is a form of survival. Videomedeja Novi Sad Serbia pp 58-61

Crossing Over Dreams With Iliyana Nedkova Wexner Center for the Arts, pp 4-7.


Digitized Bodies Virtual Spectacles with Andre P.Czegledy, Futures, March, UK.

Transcribing the Body, with Andre P.Czegledy Anomalies, France


Aurora, Aurora Virtual Revolutions Publication. Fact, UK.


Gardens of the forking paths. Nparadoxa.UK. Vol.2 80-81.


Sweater in the Nether. Mufti from the land of the Cyberknitters Ostranenie97

Euro Festival Watch, Mix, Toronto, Winter 1996/97


The Bauhaus Today, Azure, Toronto

Bread and Roses in Zagreb Canadian Woman Studies Toronto


Politics of Patronage in a Changing Cultural Climate. Ostranenie95

Neither East Nor West. In Sight YYZ, Toronto


New Video Realities in a New East Europe, Fuse Toronto June Snow on Snow. Azure, Toronto April


Video Collaborators. A report from the interior, Azure, Toronto, December 1993


The Jeff Koons.Quandary Azure Toronto August 1992


The Politics of Architecture, Azure, Toronto,

North by Northwest Video Guide, Vancouver

Video Bridge Fuse, Toronto March


Soviet video art. Fuse. Toronto March


Northern Lights. Fuse. Toronto March.


In Portuguese


Arte como ciencia: ciencia como arte In Arte e vida no seculo XXI. Ed. Diana Domingues Fundacao Editora da UNESP, Brazil


Articles (selected) in Hungarian:


Cyberheart In a Cyberworld. Art Today, May 1999


P.S.1. Art Today, Budapest


Post-modern eclecticism in Groningen. Art Today. Budapest 1996


Ydessa Hendeles, Art Today, Budapest, June 1995

Aesthetic Terrorists Art Today Budapest Apr.1995


Functioning Culture. Art Today Budapest July 1994

Modern Irish Art Art Today Budapest June 1994


The Mystery of Representation. On Michael Snow. Art Today, Nov.1993

The terrors of childhood Art Today, Budapest May 1993


History revisited. Art Today, Budapest, December 1992

Tibor de Nagy, Beszélö, Budapest, July 1992


New York interview with Sari Dienes Art Today, Budapest, 1991

European Video Festivals, Art Today, Budapest 1991


On-line publications

Second Skin. The art of Smart Garments

On Audience Awareness: The "Empathy Factor" in the Work of Nell Tenhaaf

On Networked collaborations at Ars Electronica 2002,

Mittle Europe: Recent Cultural Initiatives

Dreams Come True

On Translation in Deep Europe

Vision: Mental Imagery

Cultural Changes and Video Ventures in Eastern Europe

In praise of Australia Moi Moi

Videomedeja4: -"Video is a form of survival". Nettime 1999

Sarai The New Media Initiative, Delhi - a personal impression

Media Arts: the Hungarian Model CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine - No.12 - January 2001

Myths and Mischiefs, Tales and Tricksters

Dream Theories m

Whispering Pines. On Elizabeth Vander Zaag


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