Workshops with Adriane Ieraci
Toronto, Montreal, Canada; Prague Czech Republic; Manizales, Colombia; Zagreb, Croatia
 The word “prosthetics” indicates an addition or extension and the term has been included in medical terminology in the 16th Century. Three centuries later, Marshall McLuhan wrote in his seminal book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (first published in 1964): “Today, when we have extended all parts of our bodies and senses by technology we are haunted by the need for an outer consensus of technology and experience that would raise our communal lives to the level of a world-wide consensus...
Data is Beautiful
  02.–06. October 2012
Co-curators: Nina Czegledy and Eszter Bircsak
    Data from the view of Society, Science,   Art, Design and Technology  The fundamental aim of the Data is Beautiful  project is to generate an international and national platform in partnership with Hungarian Educational Institutions and International Organizations to investigate and present data as a contemporary entity...
At the Intersection of Art and Madicine   25. January–10. March 2012
West Vancouver Museum, Vancouver, Canada
   AT THE INTERSECTION of ART AND MEDICINE Art at the Intersection of Art and Medicine pays tribute to the exquisite artwork of a group of women medical illustrators from the last century...
University of Toronto Art Center, Toronto;Canada, Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga; Canada, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, US, Galeria de Arte do Finotti, Uberlandia, Brazil
   SPLICE: At the threshold of Art and Medicine aims to investigate changing corporeal perceptions influenced by scientific, social, political and cultural interpretations...
Marshall McLuhan Wikisprint with Kitchen Budapest April 2-3, 2011 Kunsthalle/Mücsarnok, Budapest   The Kitchen Budapest media lab celebrates the Marshall McLuhan centenary and the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia with a “wikisprint” event within the framework of the “No One Belongs Here More Than You” exhibition held between March 25-April 23, 2011 in the Kunsthalle Budapest...
LABOR Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Under the title of Marshall McLuhan in Europe 2011, there has been a series of events dedicated to the centenary of Marshall McLuhan’s birth throughout Europe...
co-curators: Nina Czegledy and Rona Kopeczly
Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary 2010
National Museum, Gdanks, Poland 2011
   György Kepes of Hungarian background and Frank J Malina of Czech parentage contributed greatly to the global culture and have proved to have a decisive impact on twentieth century art, modifying its intellectual property and oprientation...
3rd Biennale Kvadrilaterale (Quadrilateral Biennial), co-curator with Christiane Paul, Darko Fritz, Elena Rossi and Peter Tomaz Dobrila
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia
For the third time the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art presents one of the most important regional art events – the Quadrilateral Biennale...

Japanese Device Art program in Budapest

Workshop & round table discussion moderated by Nina Czegledy

Participants: Erkki Huhtamo, US, Marcus Neustetter, South Africa, Claudio Rivera Seguel, Chile, Janos Sugar, Hungary Matt Rotto, Canada, Bettine, Budapest, Hungary
What is Device Art?  It is a Japanese project that explores new ways of bridging art, design, technology, science and entertainment. Partly sculpture, partly gadgets, partly toys, Device Art, allows artists to develop objects that are precisely crafted, mass produced, and guided more by artistic concepts than a corporate brand or marketing position...
Produced by Canada Heritage Information Network Digital arts and culture are created, experienced, produced, archived, shared and shaped by artists who are fluent in the use of science and technology...
Nina Czegledy, Caitlin O'Dnovan, Greg Judelman, Daniel Barber, Debbie Hession, Chris Mendis, Chris Hession
Heureka the Finnish Science Centre, Vantaa, Finland

Govett-Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Waves Festival, Riga, Latvia

The Aurora Projects 1997-2006 This multi-phase, multi-site international art and science project was developed and produced over a decade in collaboration with Stephen Kovats, Peter Ride, Luke Jerram, Esa Turunen, Mare Tralla, Tom Donaldson, Minna Tarka, ,Greg Judelman, Daniel Barber, Caitlin O'Donovan, Chris Mendis, Chris Hession, Trevor Haldenby, Seken Chung, Deb Hession, Rasmus Vuori and InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Center, Goethe Institute Toronto, Makrolab, Scotland, Carte Institute, Westminster University, London UK, Arthouse, Dublin, Polar Circuit, Rovaniemi, Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory, Acoustic Space, Riga, Solar Circuit, Hobart, Tasmania, AuroraFeast Heureka Finnish Science Centre, Govett Brewster Gallery Plymouth New Zealand
  Introduction The Aurora Project has brought together a range of specialists working within the arts and sciences...
Co-curator with Annick Bureaud, Christiana Galanopoulou
Workshops: Athens, Rovaniemi, Vienna


May- September, 2009 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale,
State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki Greece

October – November 2009 Gallery of the Academy of Fine Art, Katowice, Poland
European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists (e-MobiLArt) is a project tailored around the process of collaboratively creating interactive installation artworks...
Sifting Time, Sifting Space
An exhibition from the Code Zebra Archive and a Panel Discussion

Women\'s Art Resource Center Toronto

Goethe Institute Toronto
Code Zebra is a collaborative project led by Sara Diamond. CodeZebra draws upon debates about the relationship between art and science, the behaviors and characteristics of the inhabitants of those disciplines to create a series of provocations...
InterAccess, Toronto
  In Minna Langstrom and Jaako Niemela's installations presented at InterAccess, it becomes difficult to draw a sharp distinction between what is real and what is illusory...
Toronto Aerospace Museum
 On October 4, 2007, worldwide celebrations commemorated 50 years of space flight. On this day, five decades ago - October 4, 1957- the first man-made satellite was launched into space, the first man-made object ever to leave the Earth's atmosphere, captivating the public’s imagination worldwide...
21st Images Festival Toronto
The independent Cine Fantom movement -after three decades- is alive and well in Moscow. Each Wednesday, throughout the year, Cine Fantom holds public screenings followed by discussions between film professionals and the audience...
featuring Hilda Kozari, Finland, in collaboration with Joeita Gupta & Amanda Wong
Women’s Art Resource Centre Toronto
White Wall, a multi-sensory installation, created by artist Hilda Kozari in collaboration with visually impaired young women, invites us to enter into rarely explored territories of spatial perception, memory and imagination...
exhibition InterAccess, Toronto
conference Ontario College of Art
The 25th anniversary celebration at the InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, provides us with an excellent opportunity to reflect on the historical and contemporary context of media art/new media developments in Toronto...
Millenaris, Budapest
For the first time ever an international space-art event, including a workshop and an exhibition, is planned in Budapest The event is closely connected to the "Impact of Space" the First IAA International Conference, hosted by the Hungarian Space office, held in March, 2005...
Artists: AeLab: Gisele Trudel, Stephane Claude, David Tomas, Jean-Pierre Auve, Paulette Phillips, Catherine Richards, Jocelyn Robert, Norman White, Marie-Jeanne Musiol, Simone Jones


Oboro&Occurrence Montreal

ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

Condu Duque, Madrid, Spain

V2/Tent, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary

Outsiders Festival, Paris, France
  Resonance explores the nature of invisible yet discernible material forces and the impact of these energies on our environment and the human body...
Bratislava, Slovakia,
Budapest, Hungary
Cluj, Romania
Achtung Baby! performance and video by Canadian women brings forward artworks in video and performance which embody interruptions in the dominant media frame...
California Nanosystem Institute, University of California, Los Angeles

Integratron, Joshua Tree, California
 Nikola Tesla’s visions and inventions were at the core of the
generation, transmission and use of electricity that has transformed our world...
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