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Your Documents Please

Traveling Art Exhibition
With 270 artists living in 27 countries contributing passports/ID documents for 'Your Documents Please"



April 4, 2008 - May 16, 2008, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itami, Itami-shi, Japan

August 2, 2008 - August 17, 2008, ZAIM, Yokohama, Japan

August 11 - August 16, Galerie Paris, Yokohama, Japan

November 28 - Decembver 30, 2008, 2B Galeria, Budapest, Hungary,

Januar 9 - February 2, 2009, Galerir Kunst in Hirsch, Berlin, Germany

February 12 - March 8, 2009, Galeria Z, Bratislava, Slovakia

April 17 - May 8, 2009, Galeria Ajolete Arte, Guadalajara, Mexico

November 3 - November 21, 2010, Alma in Manhattan, hosted by Fine Light, New York  USA,


 The lives of people around the world are shaped by their status in their groups and institutions with whom they interact. As globalization proceeds and local bonds are eroded, identification documentation such as passports, credit cards, driver licenses and calling cards has become the physical medium in which the political, commercial, cultural and ultimately the spiritual disposition of the individual are negotiated. As new forms and criteria of identification are produced even the nature of identity is changed. The art exhibition "Your Documents Please" reflects issues of identity and its documentation.

Organized by Daniel Georges and Rumi Tsuda with Alma on Dobbin, an international arts exchange organization based in Booklyn, NY.

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