International education forums, lectures, workshops                                 Additional speaking engagements


Art as a Catalyst November 17-20, 2015 C3 Centro de Ciencias de la Complejida National Autonomous University Mexico City

Bridge Re-Create2015 Media Art Histories November 5-8, 2015, University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada Convener Nina Czegledy

Dobble Debate Transitio MX06 September 25-October 4, 2015 Centro National de las Artes, CENART Mexico City

The transformation of Education: Alternative Options. Transformaking2015, International Summit on transformative and Critical Making September 15-16, 2015, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Value of Knowledge Transfer, ISEA2015 21st International Symposium on Electronica Arts, August 14-19, 2015, Simon Fraser University,Vancouver, Canada

Media Art Realities, NORDIK2015, May 13-18, University of Iceland, Reykjavik Iceland

The Extension of Man May 19, 2915, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik Iceland

Aura/Aurora, Art & Science Collaborations hosted by the Austrian Polar Research Institute and the Canadian Embassy to Austria  May 22, 2015 Durchaus Art Space, Vienna, Austria,

Technological Mediation and the Human Body, Body and Image in Discourse, April 13-18, 2015 Federal University of Uberlandia, Uberlandia, Brazil

DIY Water Sensing – Thinking about water. Balance Un Balance 2015  March 27-29, 2015, Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona, US.


Location, ISEA2014, 20th International Symposium on Electronica Arts, October 30- November 8, 2014, Dubai.

Body Encoded – The mystery of representation, CAC4 4th Computer Art Congress, September 1-3, 2014, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Social Innovation – Social Creativity Ninth International Conference on the Arts in Society, June 25-27, 2014, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy

The Extensions of Man – Hacking the Body – Prosthetics March 20, 2014, University of Brasilia, Brazil

Re-Framing Nature, March 18, 2014, University of Sao Paolo, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Canadian Radical Art Movements in the first part of the 20th Century, February 20, 2014,  Intermedia Faculty, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest


SPLICE The Body Revealed at the Intersection of Art and Medicine, University of California San Diego November 14, 2013, San Diego, US

The Extension of Man, Extravagant Bodies Extravagant Age 2013, October 4-November, 2013 Klovićevi dvori Gallery organized by Kontejner, Zagreb, Croatia

Aura Aurora with Bettina Schuelke, October 20,2013 Schupfengaleria, Open Studios Festival, Herzogenburg, Austria

Paradigm shifts in media art/science education and practice  Renew: The 5th International conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technologies October 8-11, 2013, Riga, Latvia: Student working groups: Danube University KREMS master students led by Wendy Coones and master students Riga Stradins University led by Ilva Skulte.

SPLICE At the Intersection of Art and Medicine – artist presentations LASER Leonardo Art and Science September 24, 2013 Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous, LevyArts, New York, US

SPLICE At rhe Intersection of Art and Medicine September 23, 2013 NYU, New York

Hybrid Collaborations: Art, Science and Technology Eighth International Conference on the Arts in Society, Eotvos Lorand University June 24-26, 2013, Budapest Hungary

On Interdisciplinary Collaborations Eleventh International Conference on New Directions in Humanities, Eotvos Lorand University, June 19-21, 2013, Budapest, Hungary

The Role of Art Education in an Age of Ecological Crisis and the Globalization of Knowledge   ISEA2013, 19th International Symposium on Electronica Arts June 14, 2013 Sydney, Australia Education workshop organized in partnership with MCA and the National Institute for Experimental Art at COFA, UNSW. Workshop Leaders Nina Czegledy and Paul Thomas.

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